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Cyberlink Software Suite and your Computer


First-off I have to say that Cyberlink isn't doing anything malicious, they are a legitimate company, they are head-quartered in Taiwan and distribute such software as PowerDVD, Power2Go, Cyberlink DVD Suite, etc.


Most of this software comes in gigantic files, with programs that launch on start-up, and in general it is slowing your computer down from the moment it was installed.


I remove Cyberlink something or rather from almost every computer I service with virus problems, why is that?


Like I said, they are a legitimate company, they're not distributing viruses outright obviously, but they are distributing massively over-sized, rarely patched, and unnecessary programs, the intended usage of which is almost certainly better executed by some other program. So why on earth is this software so prevalent?


In part it's Bloatware, that is programs that come on your computer when you buy it that you don't need, and is only there really because the Cyberlink people paid Acer, or HP, or Dell to put their crap on there (or maybe it's the other way around, and the manufacturer would like you to think you're really getting a lot for your money...Hmm?). Another way that this type of stuff gets on peoples systems is through other downloads. That is to say that when someone goes to install program 'X' there is a little oft-unnoticed check box that reads something to the effect of, "Install Cyberlink software 'Y' as well" (Disclaimer: I have never seen Cyberlink Software specifically distributed in this manner, but the point is still valid). Install is clicked, and you get not only the program you want, but the Cyberlink (for example) bundle too. In this scenario, the free software you're actually wanting to download is being offered for free, in part, because the Cyberlink (again, or another company, this is a pretty common practice) people are essentially paying the creators of program 'X' some amount of money to allow them to 'piggy-back' their software onto the original download.


Back to Cyberlink lol. However it might get on your system. You'd think that if they want their bundled software to be standard in the US they'd take better care of it, because that's really where the problem lies, but they don't. Their software is not updated nearly enough, it is regularly exploited by the various virus composers/writers to be the 'In' that they need to infect your system. Adware, Trojans, all different kinds of Malware are coming in through holes in Cyberlink's software, it's really shoddy when it comes down to it, and that's really too bad.


If it's already on your system I recommend that you remove it as soon as possible (you're done reading? now is a good time), if you don't know how to remove it you might want to consider putting a few bucks in the pocket of someone who does. There is nothing that Cyberlink is giving you that another program can't better accomplish without jeopardizing your security nearly as much. For that matter the majority of consumers who's systems I remove it from are either unaware that it's even on there, or have seen it but have never used it. My blog piece 'Updating - The When, the Why, and the How' goes into some more detail about exploitable holes in software, and how to protect yourself.


As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.