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Google Drive, worth it? Better believe it.


Well, this is my first time using Google Documents, having just found it sitting there within the free download of Google Drive, which I likewise am experiencing for the first time right now.


(long pause)


I don't rightly know what to say yet to be honest, but I guess it's speaking for itself a little bit, as here I sit typing and I had been procrastinating my next Everyday IT blog entry just a little bit. So yeah, I am definitely just one-offing a little bit of writing with no problems what-so-ever my very first time using this "word processor" that was well... completely free.


While I'm no stranger to online backup, having used Skydrive for years, the idea that I'm trying out a new online backup program with an integrated; Word Processing program (like Microsoft Word), Spreadsheet (think Excel), Drawing Pad (some doodling app I've never used?), and Slideshow/Presentation (Powerpoint) software built in is kinda freaking cool. Thanks Google for inspiring my new Blog piece.


I do love Google, and would like to thank them for the free 5GB of online storage space included with the free download.


Heck, they only want $2.49/month to bring that number up to 25GB, that's not a bad deal either really for the convenience of having a bunch of your documents available from any internet-connected computer/device. That is pretty nice (it actually looks like Google Docs documents don't even count towards your storage limit...what?). Certainly something to think about.


Depending on who you are, what kind of files you use the most, that kind of stuff, you might even be interested in the $5/month 100GB of storage, though for me personally I'm not sure I can justify it quite yet, but since it's literally only been a couple minutes... I'll think it over a bit. So yeah, I have paperwork, website back-up's, and other work-related stuff that I could virtually file all in one place (probably never even get to the 5GB limit) and access from anywhere, I can definitely see a big plus-side to that1 especially with the integrated Google Docs, the more I write the more excited I get about the possibilities, I might even wind up spending the $5/month for 100GB if I don't wrap this up soon.


I could dump songs from Pro Tools in there to avoid having to copy them onto easily misplaced media when taking them to collaborators studios, I could certainly back-up what pictures I have stored on my computer (ehh, a 1TB external still sounds better for that, that's a lot of extra space, and they're not much more than $60 at this point...hmm). Songs is a good one though, as would be any sort of writing one might do; blog pieces in progress, poetry, novels. Maybe creative people and work-a-holics would be most benefited by the current pricing structure, up to the 25GB plan I mean.


Regardless of how you want to use it though, it's an awesome thing to have available, and as their pricing plans increase in size/cost it's obvious that they do want this service to be at least considered by small businesses that don't have IT guys on the payroll, double-checking back-ups periodically. While it won't do for me to store pictures on it, that could really work for some people, after-all it's not like Google doesn't have a bunch of redundancy set up via RAID arrays anyways, so you'd never have to worry about losing pictures, maybe Picasa does that already, I don't know. Either way, some pretty cool advances are being made all the time, and I suppose that my expensive Office 2010 install just got a little bit more obsolete. Come to think of it, I almost certainly don't need Office 2013 now, so there's some money saved. Actually, I'll wind up supporting enough customers with problems with it to make it worth the investment (and it's nice to be able to provide the service). But if Google keeps this up, and open source keeps getting more and more popular, Office 2013 might be the last version I really need to buy2.



Little bit of creative license taken above, I would hate to be viewed as an irresponsible Webmaster. This is actually something I've been doing this for years with Skydrive, so there's no need for anyone to worry. All client files and such are always safely backed up, and readily available in the event that something simply MUST be changed that day, and I'm on vacation for instance.
Dear Microsoft, I would still accept a free copy in exchange for an honest review. And think about it, I just got pretty excited, and wrote a blog piece about a couple of free 'Office-like' apps being included with a likewise free online storage option, you gotta believe that you'd get a good review out of it.