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Why Music isn't used in Professional Web Design


I could probably make this one of the shortest blog pieces ever and simply say that music isn't the norm for todays most popular websites for the following reasons.
  • It tends to initially frighten visitors
  • Visitors, don't even see your content when greeted with music, they tend to immediately start looking for how to turn it off, and if that button isn't obvious they typically know where the back button is
And that's that, my piece on why professional web designers shouldn't use music in their design. Not really, but it almost could be.


A couple of other reasons, since I don't really want to write a short and uninformative blog piece.
  • Your potential customer might already be listening to music while browsing, and the chaos that ensues when the classical/piano/jazz background music integrated into your website meets todays Top 40, or whatever else your customer might be listening to while browsing, might be interesting in the most eccentric of ways, it's kind of like Michelle Obama presenting at the Oscars, neither expected, anticipated, or invited.
  • Copyright, do you really want to pay licensing fees to subject your customers to the above, or below-mentioned scenarios, I doubt it. And have you heard the canned music available for a one-time fee? Computer, give me four bars of something in C at a tempo of 96BPM. No thank you.
  • How are you going to implement the music anyways? Do the site in Flash? Play the music in an iFrame? Congrats, you just broke the browser, or tanked your ability to rank, since Googlebot and Bingbot don't really understand Flash all that good. Maybe you just let that sucker start over, and over, and over, with each and every page your customer clicks within your site (trust me, this isn't even the biggest issue, since they'll leave your site entirely before hearing the intro to that song more than three times).
  • Do you really need it? If your site feels like it needs the little extra something afforded to it by incorporating auto-playing music into the design, then very likely your (or your web designers) design is somewhat stale and needs to be rethought.
Now that's it, really this time. I only ever really have to explain the first and second points to customers before they understand the reasoning behind why music just doesn't belong in web design at this time, and quite possibly never will. If you were trying to promote your band, or something and felt like you had to have it, give it a Play button, let your visitors be the master of their ears destiny when it comes to your brand.