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We here at Logic-Land, and Everyday IT take your privacy seriously. While Logic-Land is ad-free at the present time, Everyday IT displays ads through the use of Google's AdSense program. These ads, and third-party vendors, including Google, use Cookies to serve ads based on a users prior visits to a website.


Cookies and Spyware are not the same thing. Spyware collects data and sends it off to other parties, Cookies (specifically the 'DoubleClick' Cookie) collect data about your surfing habits and store that information on your Computer to better serve you relevant information in the future. While Spyware may collect and send out personal information, Cookies do not.


If you are still not comfortable using Cookies you may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick Cookie for Internet-based advertising by using the Ads Preference Manager, or alternatively disallowing them in your Browsers Settings.


Additionally, AboutAds.info provides a lot of good information about Cookies, and provides options for further opting out of online ad placement.