eWaste Recycling

Responsible Electronics Recycling


Conveniently located in Hutchinson, MN, Logic-Land proudly supports local recycling initiatives.


Legislation exists in Minnesota making the proper disposal of eWaste mandatory. While undoubtedly a slight inconvenience, this is still an exciting situation. Hopefully all of the other States will follow suit.


Electronics components may at times contain Lead, Mercury, or other heavy metals. It is absolutely necessary that we keep these materials out of our soil, our groundwater, and by extension our livestock, crops, and persons.


We as people tend to resist change however, it is in our nature. It is our hope here at Logic-Land, that by providing a location for people to drop off their used; computers, monitors, laptops, routers, and associated peripherals, that we can ease the transition, and acclimation to these laws.


Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call. Additionally, please remember that Logic-land is run out of a home office, and as such an address and directions are available upon request.


If this is of more than a passing interest to you, you can find more information here Minnesota Pollution Control Agency