eWaste Recycling

Web Design Services:


A lot can be said for having an attractive, and easily navigable website these days. For a lot of us our website is our storefront. Back in the day, a potential customer could be earned just by having them walk into your store out of curiosity and assuring that they were greeted with a smile, a professional atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff. Such just isn't the case any more, for better or worse.

These days your customers are more likely to find you through a Google or Bing search and it's up to your website to draw that person in, convey your expertise, and entice them into contacting you, be it by phone or email. That's a lot of work for a bunch of 1's and 0's living in a server farm somewhere!

All of our websites are designed to the following specifications:

– Industry standard SEO best-practices compliant design
– Custom home page and structural design to accomodate your; blog, photo gallery, testimonials, products, projects, and informational materials
– Research into customer needs, and competitors website's offerings
– Always compatible with the major browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari)